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Skool is lead by two husband and wife teams Owners/Operators Andy Mirabelland Olia Kedik and Executive Chef Toshihiro Nagano aka Moto-San and his wife, Pastry Chef and Creative Director Hiroko Nagano.

Skool’s leaders and team that are committed to doing what’s right for the Earth and our community. Our cuisine is seafood centric with Japanese flair and our practices revolve around the core values of sourcing sustainable, using local ingredients whenever possible, and being conscious of our waste production and disposal.


Sustainability is the capacity to endure. It’s meeting today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Applied to seafood it means choosing fish that have been caught or farmed with consideration for the long-term effects it will have on the environment. We are committed to making responsible seafood choices that promote the health of our oceans even if it means a little extra homework.

Local Sourcing

We are also committed to locally sourcing many aspects of our operation. Our use of locality not only embodies our seasonal cuisine, but also our style of décor and artistry. Our specials are often inspired by morning trips to the farmer’s market and we have used an array of local designers in the creation of our space and look. We are active in the community and invested in its future growth.

Waste Reduction

Here at Skool there is a constant effort to reduce waste and recycle. We dispose of waste responsibly, avoid using paper products, and reuse any way we can. Our interior design incorporates many recycled and refurbished materials without compromising comfort or style. Additionally, we created waste disposal practices that maximize the usage of our waste. For example, the cooking oil used in our kitchen is recycled and re-used by local businesses for their vehicles and we reuse empty liquor and wine bottles for our house water bottles.


Hours of operation
  • Mon


  • tue

    Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm / Dinner 5pm-10pm

  • wed

    Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm / Dinner 5pm-10pm

  • Thu

    Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm / Dinner 5pm-10pm

  • Fri

    Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm / Dinner 5pm-10pm

  • Sat

    Brunch 11am-3pm / Dinner 5pm-10pm

  • Sun

    Brunch 11am-3pm / Dinner 5pm-9pm 

Detention Hall (Happy Hour)

Tue-Fri 5-7pm

Skool Offers $1 Oysters During Brunch Service

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1725 Alameda St | Map

San Francisco, California 94103




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